Now that I am free from the cold, clammy grips of graduate school, I can now spend time on not taking anything academic seriously. I only joke; however, it is the case that the pressures and schedule of a grad student life are no longer upon me, and that after a bit of respite I can now pursue topics that are of interest to me in a semi-formal manner. As such, a blog that I created a year ago will now be put to use as a space to jot down ideas and discuss interesting linguistic (and perhaps other) topics/news. I hope to make this a semi-regular blog––with length and quality being dependent on how jazzy I am feeling when I put together a final draft.

Red Panda - Ailurus fulgens
Lesser Chompanda? Expect more of this quality material.

A lot of what I am interested in is theoretical syntax, sociolinguistics, and pragmatics. Especially topics like syntax and the interfaces, as well as academic discourse and writing. My time at Alabama and Eastern Michigan also threw me into the Wild West that is ELL and second-language acquisition. As such, I’m definitely going to be focusing on some ideas in linguistics and education about language, but I also want to address pop-ling articles and press about language because it is generally miserable (though not always; shoutout to A World of Words). In any case, I hope any of you reading this stuff enjoy it, and that there can be some productive discussion.

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